Other Ceremonies

Vow Renewals

If you have an anniversary approaching, you may wish to renew your vows - or give yourselves the wedding you didn't have originally!

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is often just like a wedding - except for the legal requirements. They can be fun, relaxed and casual - or indeed more formal and structured. I'm happy to discuss ideas and plans at any time.

Commitment Ceremonies

Sometimes it's not convenient or legal for people to actually marry in accordance with current Australian law. In these cases, couples choose to have a Commitment Ceremony - again, very similar to a wedding but without the legal components. They can be just as much fun, just as enjoyable - and just as meaningful as a wedding.

Baby Namings

Celebrants perform ceremonies to introduce a child (or children) to the world and to publicly announce the names they will be known by. These are wonderful occasions involving a broad cross-section of families and friends. They are secular or non-religious ceremonies with a significant spiritual content.


It's a privilege to be involved in a ceremony to mark the end of someone's life - as much as at other times. A funeral is a most important Rite of Passage and allow families and friends to farewell a loved one with dignity and to take the first steps to move on with the rest of their lives. Although naturally a sad occasion, a funeral can be a celebration too.